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Default Re: Main Quest Modding

Originally Posted by Razaele View Post
Hey guys! I've been playing Weird Worlds for a while now, and one of my main frustrations with the game is that the quests that involve the Yellow Kawangi, Primordius, and the Brood invasion are quite rare. I'd like to know, is there any way for me to make these quests appear more often? If possible, can I make them appear with every game I play?
To change this so you get a random mainquest every game:

Open the file "numbers.ini", and change the line that says:

game_mainquest_freq 5

Change only the number at the end of the line. If you set it to 1, you'll get a mainquest every single game. If you set it to 2, you'll get a mainquest roughly 50% of the time. Set it to 3 = 33%. Etc.
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