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Medal My first public mod.

First off, please excuse my grammer and/or spelling. My English isn't great.

Okay, this thread is to gauge interest in one of my mods. I have quite a few that are in development, and I was thinking about releasing at least one of them.

The one I am thinking of releasing is called "Weird Worlds: Warfare"

It features a very large departure from the science-fiction, space-opera feel of the WW. It's more of a more realistic military combat simulator. I have a feeling most people won't like this mod, since it isn't at all what the developers intended. But I hope some of you like it.

I am not going into too a lot of detail, but let me say that there are no planets, stars, suns, blackholes, anything of that sort. There are, however, lots of tanks, military bunkers, aircraft, turrets, and the like. It takes place on Earth in a different dimension. The main players are US, China, Russia, and one hidden faction as well as one secret faction.

I don't want to give away my secrets, butI am having difficulty with the art as it is the most difficult part; I have absolutely no talent in that area. I am attaching a little preview of some of the aircrafts in the game.

Yet again, I haven't decided if I want to release it. I assume that most modding for WW is dead. There isn't that much going on and there is no hopes of resurrecting it I don't care about being popular for my mods, I just want people to enjoy what I have been enjoying myself.

Let me know if anyone is interested. I also have a bunch of mods going on right now, so development of spread thin on my side; I am but one man.
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