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Disk New Shipset : The Loriyill Collective

New Shipset : The Loriyill Collective

Description := The Loriyill Collective are a mysterious race about which little is known. They're ships resemble large butterflies.

Biological Description := Physical, the Loriyill resemble fairies from out of myths and legends. They are small, approximately 15-20 centimeters in height, elf-like creatures with colorful butterfly wings. They are capable of flight in all but the windiest conditions and can stay aloft for great periods with easy grace. Very little is known of their biology as captured individuals do not survive long and decompose rapidly.

Society Description := The Loriyill have no central leadership as such, although evidence suggest that they have a central collective "race-mind".

General History Description := Evidence exists to suggest that at one time, millennia before the present day, they explored and examined each inhabited world in the galaxy, but for reasons unknown returned to their original homeworld and the few colonies surrounded it.
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