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All players with a track record of at least few months of play are welcome (on shrapnel or somewhere else). The game will be relatively fast paced, so don't join if you lack the time for such game.

The era will be decided trough a poll. So when joining you can lock up to 1 nation which will be locked for each era. You can change your mind 'til the game start, if still free ofc. And don't forget to vote ! (unless you don't mind which era we play)

Concerning water nation, they are welcome if there is at least 2 of them. So if you are the 1rt to pick a water nation, you can also pick a land nation in case nobody else want to play the 2nd water nation.

And like for all the games i'm the admin, i'm looking for persistent players who won't leave after the first defeat on the battlefield.

Map: Cradle of dominion (maybe something smaller if less player than expected)
Players: 10-15
Age: ?
Diplo : Everything is allowed. Trade is binding though.
Turns: Initially 24 hours, 36h trn20, then increase on request
Mods: CBM 1.94 / Streamers & standards

Renaming: ON
Charts: ON
All other settings: Default

all settings can be discussed.

Disallowed exploits:
*Copying Bogus' orders and overfilling enemy lab to prevent his own forge.
*Probing armies with scouts/commanders must be done in such a way so as not to block movement.


Bullock - Abysia
HoleyDooley - Mictlan
Ossa - Yomi
Faj - Pangaea
Ghoul31 - Agartha
Ragnarok-X - ?
YellowCactus - Ulm
Evilhomer - Patala
Jolly roger - Bogarus
Minor Kitty - Arco (leaver turning AI without notice)
starcryst - Caelum
parone - TC
Maliken - Utgard (leaver without notice)

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