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Default Re: the Mappers Wishlist

What I'd like is some improvement to scripting sites and populations.

Currently, the way site scripting works is that first the game creates the map, randomly assigns sites and populations and adds provncial defenders and only then does it execute map commands such as #feature or #knownfeature. This means that if random site allocation fills up a province, scripted sites will not be added.

There is a way to ensure that the scripted stuff happens, which is #killfeatures. The problem is that it removes everything and then you add scripts.

So it's either script without #killfeatures and hope for the best (rather chancy of site frequency is high) or get guaranteed scripted sites but no randoms whatsoever.

And the whole bloody point is being able to script something that appears with certainty and then maybe getting something extra. Not the other way around.

It'd be much the same with the province defense. Better that the poptype scripting runs before assignment of native defenders, that way you won't get amazons defending some measly militia/light infantry combo as is liable to happen otherwise.

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