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Default Re: the Mappers Wishlist

I'd like the ability to add special abilities to units in certain regions. I'm thinking airshield for all units while they're underground-different levels for different provinces, like 20% to represent open caverns or 80% for tight, twisting tunnels, or certain provinces boosting ability in a certain path for any unit who happens to wander in and jungles where if you stay too long you get a disease-think Tsitzi-fly infestation, only it might be microscopic imps or atomies with elfshot etc. If there was a global command #underground_airshieldR then the computer would randomly assign 20%-80% airshield for all underground provinces. Samd thing for jungles- #jungle_diseaseR and the computer would randomly assign say a 1-10% chance for every unit in a jungle province to catch a disease each round they remain there. The magic bonus could be handled something like #magic_allR and #forest_magicR where the computer would give each province or each forest province a 1% chance to boost magic by 1 in 1 specific path, with maybe a 1 in 500 or 1 in 1000 chance to boost more than one path or one path by 2 points, etc. Other commands could include #desert_fireR where the computer would give each desert a 1% chance to boost fire magic by 1 point. These random abilities or detriments should come accompanied by a short message describing that they're in effect. I wouldn't mind just having a special site that could duplicate these abilities, but I don't know if such things currently exist or can be modded in.
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