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Default Re: Demo Questions...

Glad you're enjoying the demos so far!

To answer:

1. Yes, sometimes, the demo of Trader did not change back properly. It was early on and I was still figuring out the code (in that language anyway) to do that correctly. Apologies. The other games solved this problem.

2. Nanotech: First question, the rival gangs aren't organized enough to have a headquarters, but you are (what separates you from them, and why some want to join you). The full Version removes the 3 game year "time" limit and enables the save game function (games can get quite long). Second: the judge assigned in a case is random, so you have to decide which judges are worth bribing (or knocking off). Look at their stats. Most stats in the judge and lawyer screens have mouse pop-ups that explain them better. Just rest your mouse pointer on the stat itself for a few seconds, and it will tell you what it does.
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