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Default Re: Thunder Pack Games: Sequel?

Is Coliseum going to use the same type of interface as the Trader games? What I mean is it going to be picking things off of static screens?

Are you going to be able to control your units or anything like that on the battlefield?

I read the press release but it's not all that clear. Maybe you could provide some more info?

Some comments of the trader games:

I don't care all that much for graphics but one thing that turned me off a little on the trader games was I just felt like I was clicking menus, and not really part of the 'world'.

For example if when I was in combat I could move my ship around the screen and fire when I wanted to the combat would still be pretty simple but I would feel like I was doing more then clicking static menu choices. It's the basic problem I have with most of your games. I like the gameplay but it would be cool if I could be more in the game.

Another example is when I'm flying between planets, maybe I would have to control my ship to avoid obstacles. Again something more interactive besides clicking menus.

I like the design, and graphics, but wish the games were more interactive.

I don't know if I'm making any sense.
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