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Default Re: Thunder Pack Games: Sequel?

Basically, my game deisgns for the most part are "pure" strategy games, in the sense that they aren't designed to involve reflexes or joystick things at all. They're decision, planning and choice oriented games. If you prefer games where you require joysticks and "action" (per se) to be interested, my games probably won't appeal to you much.

Games like Championship Manager have become hugely popular, despite the fact you can't physically move the players (like an EA game for instance). The player management and in-game descriptions suck you "into" the game.

Basically, if you enjoy Championship Manager, Puresim (baseball game), Out of the Park and other games like this, you'll enjoy Coliseum (even if you don't necessarily like sports). If you don't enjoy them at all, well, odds are you might not like Coliseum that much.
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