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Default Re: Strategies.txt Knowledge Base

President_Elect_Shang said:
During my testing I built a light cruiser with a shuttle bay in it. I didn’t bother with the shuttle just an empty bay. I then went to the simulator and sent it against 2 lighter units (destroyers). The two smaller units ran away. I tried it with ten lighter units and they ran away. Then I tried it with a light cruiser against a light cruiser. They ran away from each other. I have searched through the strategies and can’t figure out what to change to stop this silly running away! If I remove the shuttle bay all units engage as expected. The weapons the units mount are able to target shuttles but as I said at the start I have never loaded a unit with shuttles. What needs to be adjusted to get them to beat the heck out of each other again?
Suicide Junkie said:
You need to create a new strategy.

The defaults have garbage orders for the "shuttle carrier" type of ship. Which essentially means "don't get hurt" strategy.

When you add a new unit type (called, "XYZ" for example), the strategies get two new entries;
1) XYZ
2) XYZ Carrier Ship

You'll have to edit the default strategies.txt to include something for those two in order to get sane results
You can also delete your existing strategies and then create new ones in an existing game; the new strategies will have entries for the new unit types.

For reference, I had to have the following lines in GGmod's strategies:
Target Type 11 Name                         := Militia Carrier Ship
Target Type 11 Engage Distance := Medium Range
Target Type 11 Damage Amount := 100%
Target Type 15 Name := Ground Base Carrier Ship
Target Type 15 Engage Distance := Medium Range
Target Type 15 Damage Amount := 100%

President_Elect_Shang said:
The default strategies for an empire are created when the empire itself is generated; either by the player or the mods creator. So if we want our adjustments to take (such as my Shuttle Carrier or your Militia Carrier Ship) we have to build the empire for the player or delete all empires forcing the player to take our modded Startigies.txt file.

Now I need to copy this thread into the Knowledge Base sub-forum. I can’t admin here can you move the whole thing there SJ? If not I will do it the old fashioned way, copy and paste with credit given.
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