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  • Bless effects on weapons (fire & death) with multiple attacks If a weapon (e.g. Sword of Swiftness) has multiple attacks and is affected by fire blessing (and presumably also the same with death blessing), only the first attack of the weapon does normal + bless damage. All following attacks by the same weapon that turn do ONLY bless damage. Discussion thread. It has not been tested how such weapons would behave with a F9/D9 bless.
  • Bless effects on weapons (fire & death) with secondary effects and secondaryeffectalways effects Fire and death blessing on weapons that have a secondaryeffect or a secondaryeffectalways attribute [e.g. Firebrand with the Small Area Fire) have the secondaryeffect/secondaryeffectalways removed for the duration of combat and replaced with the blessweapon effect.

  • FT8 Citadel Battle graphics are broken and defenders start outside walls and cannot retreat from the battlefield
  • FT28 Ermorian Citadel Battle graphics are broken and defenders start outside walls and cannot retreat from the battlefield
  • FT Construction Commanders killed by Mind Hunt or other remote spells when constructing a castle prevents continuing fort construction even if province does not change hands.

  • CBT Battlefield Enchantment autocasting by units: Mandaha autocasts Darkness, if there are several mandahas in battle and one dies, Darkness ends, effectively nullifying ALL mandahas.
  • CBT Doom Horrors bypassing bodyguards: According to Ranger, doom horrors somehow manage to bypass all bodyguard units to directly attack horrormarked target even when squares around target are filled with units. More discussion in this thread. No independent confirmation available, report may be inaccurate.
  • CBT Cave Provinces are not automatically under the effects of the Darkness spell as they should be
  • CBT Domes Combat shows domes as battlefield enchantments, bug or WAD?

  • SPELL Twiceborn: Does not work if the death mage dies by drowning in friendly dominion. A pretender who is attacked by the Kindly Ones and dies retreating from battle in friendly dominion is also not resurrected as a wight mage. Instead, when called back from the dead, he will still have Twiceborn in effect.
  • SPELL Inner Furnace (EA Abysia national) affects non-Abysians and gives non fire immune units heat aura, resulting in their death.
  • SPELL Communion 2 Using a Crystal Matrix on a priest with only H path, with at least two communicants, lets him cast four spells per turn. If the priest has other paths, like an H1N1 mage, the priest can cast only one H spell per turn, until one of his communicants is killed, at which point he casts two per turn. Discussion thread
  • SPELL Vengeance of the Dead If combat stretches past 75 turns, attackers are not killed by autorouting as they should be and the defender dies. Discussion thread here Bug or WAD?

  • I 168 Shroud of the Battle Saint The blessing from Shroud of the Battle Saint is removed when the unit wearing it casts Iron Will or Ironskin if the unit is not natively sacred. This bug does not affect natively sacred units wearing the shroud or sacred units that have been blessed with the Blessing spell. Discussion thread here
  • I 177 Bone Armor Soul Vortex from bone armor works erratically or not at all when the wearer of bone armor has the property of autocasting a battlefield enchantment (e.g. 1748 Mandaha).
  • I 145 Spirit Helmet Wearing a Spirit Helmet negates soul vortex from Bone Armor.

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