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Default Re: Skirmishes Mod for Starfury

Just played it a bit. Interesting, but has some problems. For one, there's only the single system. Meaning, you can't go anywhere and reset the stardock components. Meaning you have to save and reload to 'keep up' with your enemies. How about a few 'real' nearby systems? Alpha Centauri? Barnard's Star? Wolf 395? All you need is a few other systems to go to instead of having everything happen in the Earth/Sol system. An outpost of somesort in some of those system would possibly be good, but not as necessary as the systems themselves.

And a little cleanup of the "job" file is needed. Some of the missions have "[%EnemyShipsSpecificGroupName%]" appearing instead of the name of the enemy. Something has been typoed somewhere.

But I agree that a 'small' mod for simple unstructured play is a good idea. This is a good start. A little more work is needed.
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