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Default Re: Skirmishes Mod for Starfury

Thanks for the comments on the Skirmish Mod. I purposely made it 1 system just to cut out the travelling around. This was to be just a simple fight-type mod with no travel or story. I knew about the components issue at the Earth spacedock but I opted to keep it with 1 system. Putting in another system would be easy though and would solve that problem with componets at the Earth spacedock. I just thought with the weps gained from enemy ships, an Earth spacedock, repair components, and fighter/destroyer escort bonuses, it would be sufficient for the player. Did you enjoy getting the Destroyer escort ships to add to your fleet?

I basically came up with this idea for the Skirmishes Mod when making my Stargate Mod, but waited to finish the Stargate mod first. Have you played the Stargate Mod? It took me over 1 year to make the Stagate Mod and has tons of missions and systems.

In the Skirmishes Mod I kept the original Starfury ships and stuff. I also thought it would be a good mod if someone wants to add their own ship model and test it out quickly against any number of original Starfury ships.

I kept all the original race alliances from the stock game on purpose. My personal favorite skirmishes are when I select 3 missions at once with different races and all races are fighting each other including me at the same time. But I left this in control of the player as to what ship(s)/race(s) they want to fight by letting the player select the missions.

Thanks for providing me the feedback on the Skirmishes Mod.
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