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Default Re: Skirmishes Mod for Starfury

I wondered where the destroyer escorts were coming from! I thought maybe I was accidentally picking them up when I destroyed 'rogue' Terran capital ships. Oh, btw, the 'rogue' Terran carrier I hunted had zero fighters or fighter bays and only Ionic pulse missiles for weapons. Weird. Something out of whack there.

If I collect enough of those escorts I can buy my own carrier & field a whole fleet of destroyers instead of fighters. Now if only there were an apocalyptic battle to use all that power!

The extra systems are really essential to make the game interesting. It gets boring running around the same system all the time. And it would be cool to have some 'realistic' depictions of the other systems known to be near us. Alpha Centauri is a binary, while Barnard's Star is a pale little red dwarf not even visible to the naked eye, and so is Wolf 359. You could have the Alpha Centauri system full of only distant planets (any close planets having been swallowed by the orbiting binary stars) or the Barnard's Star or Wolf 395 systems full of many nebulae because of the weak dwarf star not pushing the gases away like a more powerful star would. Outposts are optional, but would be nice to have.

So far I have only selected one mission at a time because the enemy arrival location is random and I don't want to fail a mission because of having to run all over the map. It would be interesting to have some more complex missions, but again that would be much more possible with multiple systems.

I did play the Stargate mod. It's much larger and more complex. There were some typos, but also some other problems. I didn't finish and wasn't going to comment until I had finished it.
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