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Default Re: Skirmishes Mod for Starfury

Yes I know about the Rogue Terran Carrier and also the Abbidon Rogue Carrier has no fighter bays or fighters. I didn't notice the problem until I had make the mod available. It is a real easy fix however. Just change the enemies file to in the Pirate race section to have ship specific components and cargo. I had just forgot. I will add this to a list of changes and release a new version sometime in the near future.

I'm glad you like the Destroyer Escorts! I have them automatically loaded to your cargo hold after completing "x amount of jobs". I wanted this to be kinda arcade-sytle with the bonus components. It gives something extra for the player. As far as an final climatic battle, I may make one. We'll see. Keep the posts comming.

I could always make an extra system or systems but that was not my original design for this. Maybe I could make a deep-space system devoid of any planets. That would solve the componets restocking and levels issues at the Earth spacedock.

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