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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 11

The enemy tanks are still pushing up to Alpha, but very slowly. Some of the tanks have turned to the south southwest, heading toward the northern objective group and Bravo. I have 13 tanks in the way, so it would be a fight. There are five chewed up enemy infantry squads in front of Alpha, but mostly running. Alpha might hold out if the enemy keeps changing direction. I have two tanks that might try to catch the enemy from behind if the chance presents itself. My mortar rounds started dropping in the area, so I'll adjust to try to hit the enemy tanks.

There are eight enemy tanks in front of Bravo. Two are Matilda IIs, four are Matilda Is and there is one holed A10. The damage on the A10 must not be too bad, because it is still moving forward. Just a few shot up enemy infantry in this sector as well. This is where the next big fight will probably be located.

Still only two enemy platoons in front of Charlie. Machine guns, tanks and small arms are hitting them, but marksmanship was off this turn. I have been focusing a lot of fire into Delta's sector, so Charlie isn't the support needed. The enemy is inflicting some casaulties on my force here.

About two enemy squads running in Delta's sector. Only about six are still trying to move forward. My infantry isn't firing because the enemy is too far away. Machine guns and tanks are doing the work.

Engineers lit up enemy squad trying to get by. He ducked into a low spot very quickly.

Pushed two of Foxtrot's squads forward to jump the enemy A13 tank. Assaults failed during my turn, but they capped it during op-fire. That takes care of the AFVs with tank killing guns, so my armored cars will move back up. There are still three enemy squads visible, but two are pinned. One moved up next the Vickers tank, but he will be helpless by himself. Friendly mortar fire damaged one of the Bren carriers, but they are still hanging around.


Friendly: Estimated 10 casualties.

Enemy: 1xA13 tank destroyed. Estimated 25 casualties.
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