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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 12

Alpha tried assualting a Matilda II without luck. Four squads tried, but only two had the brass to make the effort. I also moved my two tanks up and took a few shots, watching them bounce off a Matilda I and Matilda II at 150m. They were rear shots no less, but they are hard to kill. I'll try some more since I have a swarm in the area.

My tanks in the gully with Bravo took a hit. Some smoke cleared and two were killed by an A10. One got a shot before dying, just to watch his round bounce off at 250m. Enemy infantry tried to push up through the smoke of the burning vehicles just to get cut up by my infantry waiting behind it.

Enemy force in front of Charlie is starting to dissolve. I went after them with more machine guns this turn. There enemy squads are bugging out, leaving five but they are pinned.

Still cutting up enemy infantry, but some are starting to regain composure and return. Enemy artillery helped their cause by taking out one of my machine gun sections. Three battalions cut loose at him, which is just a bit of over kill

The excitement picked up for the engineers. A whole platoon of reinvigorated enemy infantry came up from some low ground, supported by an armored car. Shots traded, but no damage.

Two of Foxtrot's squads took a beating. One, routed by the A13 last turn before it died, bolted out into the open and got ripped. Another squad in the rough also got hit and is running. Since the enemy doesn't have any tank killing guns around, I'm slowly pushing a platoon of tanks through the rough. Once they get through, they should have a field day.


Friendly: Estimated 20 casualties.

Enemy: Estimated 20 casualties.
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