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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 14

What it amounts to up north is flesh against steel. Alpha is getting still hanging in there, but it is hurting them. More men down, but another Matilda II is immobilized. Maybe they can get a kill next turn. The rest of the enemy are deflecting to the south. Only a Matilda I and A10 are hanging with the immobilizied Matilida II. Mortar rounds still falling on the shifting enemy tanks. Maybe I can immobilize one or more with indirect. I kill is out of the question with these. This area is a true brawl.

Bravo is deployed a bit looser than Alpha, so the enemy tanks might be a problem. If I can neutralize more of the enemy Matilda IIs heading this way, my tanks can take care of the rest. This will cost a lot of men, but my tanks have been totally ineffective against them.

Enemy infantry in front of Charlie is still fighting, but slowly losing ground. The take fire, break, retreat 50m and are shooting next turn. One of the Matilda Is referenced above has popped out of the smoke in this area. I have one Zulu tank that got separated from the rest, so it is helping out here.

Delta is bracing for the enemy Matilda IIs moving up. In the meantime, they are dealing with some enemy infantry to the left of their sector. It is only about a platoon, but my tanks in supporting them have ducked for cover from the Matildas. They haven't fired yet, but I know I can't destroy them at 150m, much less 500m, but the 2-pdr can kill mine easily. The Matilda IIs have a Matilda I pulling up the rear and a truck mounted 2-pdr on their flank. I think it is the one I damaged earlier. All enemy infantry is running.

Smoke cleared near the engineers position, so a fire fight broke out with enemy platoon again. Only one of my units can see them, so I'll just duck into the wadi. The position is solid and they won't get me out of it with just a platoon.

The first two of my tanks cleared the rough in Foxtrot's position and engaged and destroyed a Matilda I. Two more on coming up, but won't fair any better. There is are two Vickers tanks around, but one is immobilized. Once all the tanks are dealt with, my tanks will be able to mop up the enemy infantry. The far right Foxtrot platoon is moving up to help. Mortars capped the remaining Bren carrier.


Friendly: Estimated 15 casualties.

Enemy: 1xMatilida I tank and 1xBren Carrier destroyed. Estimated 15 casualties.

Rather than screen prints, I've attached my current save if anyone wants to see the status of this battle. It is a real knock down, drag out fight.
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