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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 23

Alpha is getting shot up more, but putting enough fire out to send one Matilda I running. I believe the damage to the A10 involves its machine gun because it is completely ignoring my squad next to it. Here, both sides are just standing still and slugging it out.

In front of Bravo, I started having my mortars fire smoke. Maybe I can isolate some of the enemy tanks so I can maneuver my tanks and infantry and get a kill. Matilda Is are pushing forward, but the Matilda IIs are still stopped. Two are buttoned and one is retreating. It is hard to tell, but the enemy might be getting to its limit. I didn't fire at those tanks at all. My mortars are dropping rounds into a blind spot to make sure anything there is suppressed.

Tanks with Charlie took shots at two Matilda Is trying to push past Bravo. Also cut lose at enemy infantry. I'm shifting Charlie north to make sure the enemy Matilda IIs, if they start moving forward again, have a fight on their hand.

No real luck on the southern attack this turn. The routed Matilda II re-engaged, but I know it is damaged. Hopefully, it is the main gun. One is still slugging it out with my infantry and another undamaged one that had retreated earlier is circling around the wadi heading to Delta's sectory. Echo and Foxtrot have pushed the enemy out of the wadi, but there seems to be quite a few to the east. My mortars dropped smoke and HE here to isolate the lead tanks. Enemy artillery hit near the wadi and immobilized two of my tanks. That hurts, but they still have LOS on a close Matilda I. Maybe they can take it out.


Friendly: Estimated 15 casualties.

Enemy: Estimated 15 casualties.
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