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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 24

Incoming mail on Alpha. They are having enough trouble. Artillery is just making their life worse. Enemy tanks are just holding their ground right now. Still pouring fire into my infantry, but not moving forward.

Bravo was fairly quiet, other than two tanks with Charlie destroying two Matilda Is. I used my light mortars to lay smoke because that is about all they have left.

Front of Charlie also quiet aside from destroying the tanks mentioned above. My light mortars layed smoke here as well and enemy artillery helped. Can't see much, so not much to shoot at.

Enemy artillery hit my massed infantry out front of Delta position. Squads routed everywhere, but not all of them. Basically, total chaos. Some Matilda Is are pushing forward, but I've got tanks waiting. Enemy artillery also hit some of their own troops north of the wadi as well. One enemy Matilda I got capped by one of my tanks. All the rest of the action was with Echo and Foxtrot east of the wadi. Lots of fire back and forth. Some shooting near the salient, but light compared to the wadi. There is a ATR team firing at my light mortar. If I can spot it, maybe my ACs can engage from a safe distance.


Friendly: Estimated 20 casualties.

Enemy: 3xMatilda I tanks destroyed. Estimated 10 casualties.
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