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Originally Posted by spillblood View Post
Another thing: transport planes and sea transports should move in groups (in one move instead of moving each unit in a territory one after another) like tanks and other attack units do. At present, you have to wait for each plane to move to the destination before you can do anything. That's pretty annoying with bigger numbers of planes or transports.
I think the intent is to segregate units of like character. For example, let's say you fly two jets into territory X, which is already occupied by three jets. If you move all five jets to another location, they move as one group of two and one of three, because the first two jets have already 'burned fuel' and are no longer "equal" to the three jets that have not yet moved.

In the case of transports, their movement points might be equal, but the cargo they contain might be dissimilar, so the game segregates them in order to convey that fact to the player.

I'd agree, though, that while segregating on the basis of movement points is a good idea, taking it to cargo carried is not as beneficial, and might be worth skipping.

One way to accelerate play is by going to the game OPTIONS where you save scenarios, and set unit movement from "decaf" to "espresso". Personally, I don't use it, just because I like watching my armadas assemble & sortie.
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