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Beer Re: Moved threads

Originally Posted by spillblood View Post
Originally Posted by Skirmisher View Post
I think its like a doctor cutting out bad tissue in an attempt to make it all go away.

They don't want to hear about it.

One other point,why doesn't this forum have an official moderator?
One post: They've banned me, so, go ahead, I don't take part anymore, CYA! If you want this game dead, GO AHEAD!!!!

I'd preffer the game had a robust community and I was playing TCP ip a couple days a week.

But it doesn't.

And I'll say this, I'm not mad a shrapnel.
Thats why I didn't file a complaint.

Everybody makes mistakes,even you.

You should try taking a deep breath sometime and getting some oxygen.

and cant you say more and post less?
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