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Default Re: Defeated at Halfaya Pass.

A well-designed and challenging advance scenario with an attractively detailed map. Played this one a number of times, first time a draw with the rest marginals. Aside from advice already given by Griefbringer and scorpio rocks here's my two centavos' worth:

--Spoiler Alert--

The Brits have 14 3-inch mortar sections (28 tubes) and 4 25-pounder howitzers in this one. That's a fairly substantial amount of HE to drop on the Germans and it's easy to see how their godlike commander could be frustrated. Plus they're quite cheap (7 points for each mortar section) so there's no arty overload penalty.

Anyway the general idea is to keep moving to evade plotted strikes while at the same time avoiding unnecessary risks. Easier said than done, but splitting your forces in two--one going for the pass, the other headed west--and moving them close behind rolling smoke screens until they're close to the first objectives should minimize arty disruption and losses.

Then switch to HE on or near the objectives and after the first barrage push some dismounted infantry forward (motorcycles are too vulnerable for this; better send them cautiously around the flanks to get into good spotting positions--you sure as heck don't wanna lose 'em). After the infantry draw fire and identify targets you can bring up armoured assets (preferably empty APCs or armored cars to avoid exposing precious tanks) to help deal with them. Once initial contacts are neutralized send any ready ground-pounders forward to check for more bad guys. You might consider bringing up some more infantry in halftracks and dismounting them if none are encountered (but bear in mind infantry won't trigger opfire by ATGs until they're really close).

Wait for the next barrage (mixed with some smoke) before moving forward again. Use your smoke tanks to block off likely lines of fire. Inside the pass it's especially important to avoid moving too fast too soon since there just might be some ATGs or portees waiting in ambush on the hillsides or around the next bend. But once you secure the pass objectives that might be the time to finally send your motorcycles forward with prudent alacrity. Follow up with the rest of your guys (infantry mounted on halftracks or tanks) should they meet no resistance.

As for your own ATGs, better wait until the first objectives are secured before moving them forward. In the meantime keep them clear of your own arty, which might attract counter-battery fire. They're definitely worth preserving since British armour will show up sooner or later.

As noted above this is a fairly difficult scenario. Getting through the pass is hardest since you're practically forced to stay on or near the road because of the rough terrain, which can immobilize your vehicles. However there are 25 turns to accomplish the mission, so balancing proper tempo, tactics, acceptable risk and situational awareness it can be done.

Good luck on your next try, Champagne, and happy gaming!
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