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I realise this is irrelevant for the viewpoint of the game and Im sorry to be splitting hairs here, but the RAF Regiments are actually part of the Air Force. The reference is good if we just substitute Hispano for Oerlikon. This makes sense as British planes used Hispanos and the Oerlikons lacked a self destruct shell (which the navy did not mind, airforce not so keen).
This reference suggests that British Oerlikons went to the navy.

The production of the first British-made Oerlikon autocannon started in Ruislip, London, England, United Kingdom at the end of 1940, and the first British-made guns were delivered to the Royal Navy in Mar or Apr of 1941.

This site is very interesting.

It is pretty thorough, it says

In April 1940, in an attempt to improve the situation, the Air Ministry approved the temporary release of 500 surplus 20mm Hispano aircraft cannon to supplement the existing aircraft .303" machine guns issued for the air defence of stations.

And mentions the use of Hispanos (not Oerlikons) throughout, so I guess pretty good evidence for no, or certainly very nearly no, Oerlikons in the Air force as well as the Army. I also found this interesting,

The USN’s trials had established that the .303" machine gun lacked the necessary range, rate of fire and hitting power and estimated that the concentrated fire of at least four pairs of Lewis guns would be needed to engage each attacking aircraft with even the minimal prospect of deterrence, let alone the possibility of inflicting lethal damage. The American conclusion was that the .50" machine gun was the smallest calibre weapon which could be effective in the antiaircraft role.

RAF Regiments also used the Lanchester SMG, but not the Army, so Lanchester should probably be removed from unit 384 37mm AT-Gun and replaced with a rifle.

I see about the HEAT. I can see its a good way to do a dozer blade. For the Churchill AMRCR I thought the equipment didn't cover much of the front but I guess it would be about half, good enough I guess. Plough tanks 562 and 557 Im not so sure about, if the ploughs are in the ground, as in 557s picture, I would have thought it didn't gave much protection to the Hull front? For unit 41 Churchill AVRE considering where the Facine is carried, maybe the Facine carrier should have turret front with the high HEAT value instead of the hull? Then again if its carrying a facine it can't shoot its gun, which actually, it can. So wouldn't shooting the gun blast the Facine off the tank? setting the HEAT value to 0?