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Originally Posted by Kiwikkiwik View Post
For unit 41 Churchill AVRE considering where the Facine is carried, maybe the Facine carrier should have turret front with the high HEAT value instead of the hull? Then again if its carrying a facine it can't shoot its gun, which actually, it can. So wouldn't shooting the gun blast the Facine off the tank? setting the HEAT value to 0?
Do you see a facine on the icon ? No, It has equipment to carry it even though it may not have it on at the time the HEAT rating is a generalization that there are obstructions on the front of the hull that would affect HEAT.

But your "hairspliting" and nitpicking is getting tiresome. If you don't like what you see we provide the tools for you to change it but nothing in this thread is going to be applied to the game OOB's so take that as a hint and save yourself the time and effort reporting things I am never going to change. Consider the OOB's more or less locked down after this next patch and I am not making further alterations to them except in exceptional circumstances between now and release. WYSIWYG warts and all. I could tweak and adjust these things for the next decade and someone would still find some detail in some obscure text that differs but after 20 years of near done like it or not and if you like what you see, I'm happy and if you don't I really don't care at this stage.

And SERIOUSLY you felt in necessary to remind us "RAF Regiments are actually part of the Air Force"...... well gee thanks for that startling revelation.........


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