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Default Re: British oob

1/ Have you ever actually edited an OOB ?

2/ Have you ever edited an OOB with an eye to making sure all aspects of the game functions properly after you are done "correcting " it ?

My guess is no to both points but absolutely 2/

The work involved after the research is done is far more extensive than you could possibly know never having had to actually do it...finding and confirming info is the easy part..... making it all fit together is "the trick" that eats through the time available and simple little changes can sometimes spin into far more than they appeared at first so your assertion that " I just provide all the detail so DRG can make changes if he wishes with the least effort as I have done as much of the work I can for him already." is simplistic and insulting but I really don't expect more from anyone not faced with keeping all aspects of the game working in harmony and you aren't the first one to appear with the " I do all the work you just have to apply it" attitude.

We and others have repeatedly suggested to players like you that you can edit your own OOB however you want and you are free to post it to the MODs section but that rarely happens and usually when it does the OOB's are unsuitable for use for anything but PBEM play as they either ignore the reality of the way the game works or simply do not understand it which I suppose is why I'm expected to do the heavy lifting that you only think you are doing.

As for " Artillery is much more effective in game than in reality" well........we don't think so...most casualties in WW2 were caused by artillery but we do understand that as with most things in life, there are people who think otherwise which is why the preferences controls exist and why there is an artillery effectiveness control that anyone can adjust to suit their ideas of "what is correct"..........some players do use those controls and I'm sure you can as well .

As for the British armoured infantry issue. I may dig into this further, or not but as we have said repeatedly..... if you think you can do all means build a copy of the OOB and post it to the MODs forum


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