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Default Re: British oob

What you are overlooking is its a game you can buy what you want the game does not restrict rare units that is up to the player.

British halftracks were rare as hens teeth I have never used them.
However it would be no different to buying a Company of Tiger Bs in 1945
On a side note Brits are one of the harder guys to play realistically not because of the trucks but because you either had armour or you didn't so don't go giving yourself a platoon or 2 of tanks like you can when playing other nations if you want to be realistic.

Pretty sure Brits used halftracks in an infantry role in Africa. Ad hoc use and converted to infantry role like most halftracks in British use. The Brits seem to have been into field modifications think they got AA halftracks of the Americans once the Luftwaffe were not much of a threat. So that's probably mid 43 that does not mean I would use them though.
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