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I do occasionally Mobhack OOBs to test the feasibility of some of my suggestions.
I said "I have done as much of the work as I can" this is not the same as saying "as I do all the work" why is the second quote in parentheses as though I said it? and for the record that isn't my attitude either.

I don't think I am doing the heavy listing and I never said so.
It's a waste of my time to have to continually defend my character, I am not a *****ing, nitpicker that produces nonsense. You think you're insulted, try on my shoes.

I understand it is a nightmare to make changes you repeat this pretty much in every post I make. I am sorry for that I have offered my time to help however possible.

Artillery -is- much more effective in game that in reality, As I have said before the casualty rates are correct and yes you can adjust them. The main problem is that artillery -suppression- is way too high and I can prove it. I already suggested there needs to be an artillery suppression slider next to artillery effectiveness slider on the preferences page.
I posted this before I'll put it here a bit clearer again.

Please have a look at table 5 in this link.

For a 25 pounder the table says that to have a "Morale" (your retreat) effect you need to drop 100 rounds per minute of 25pdr for 15 minutes in 10000 sq yds. So 10000 sq. yds is about 4 hexes, so that is 25 rounds per hex per minute, So in total you need to drop 375 rounds in a hex within 15 minutes to get a Morale effect. If the turns are 3 minutes then -after- 5 turns of 75 rounds per turn we achieve rout/retreat.

I tested this, I put a 1945 German infantry in trenches and shelled them with a light (25pdr) batterie (frm 48) this gave between 6 and 17 shells in each target hex per turn.

The result, after just one turn, even with just 6 shells landing in the hex, all 16 German sections are routed. They should not be routed or even retreating until they have had 375 shells land on them in 15 minutes. So 6 into 375 is 62, your artillery suppression level is -62- times too high.

And that is your best case scenario the site also says this

"The morale and neutralisation data need to be treated with caution; the evidence for achieving the defined demoralisation in 15 minutes was based on a single operation, at Wesel, during the Rhine crossings. Before this it was thought that at least 4 hours were needed."

So Either Nigel F Evans doesn't know what he is talking about or your artillery suppression levels are way too high

The other reason artillery is too effective is that you can walk it onto the target when you cant see the target by having some of the shoot left over for the next turn. This is an impossible accuracy, adjusting fire should be limited to within LOS, I know there are a very few exceptions such as predicted fire but none of them will give you accuracy to within 50m out of LOS, available with the adjustment buttons. So you can exactly hit any target anywhere on the map anytime, too easy. The +/- barrage function is already available in the Bombardment screen to hit targets not visible to the participants which is exactly correct for this type of fire. One way to fix this (not perfect I know) might be to have all the shells in one shoot land in one turn. This would give out of LOS shoots the randomness they require but would still let observed fire stay on target. Artillery HE shell smoke/dust effect would need to be toned right down.

IMP I looked into use of M3/M5 by Britain before 4/44 and found nothing. What you are overlooking is that I may be able to buy historic sure, But what about anyone else who would like to buy historic? They now know what is historic because of my contribution.