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Exclamation Re: British oob

I am betting the Germans routing in the trenches were back to Ready
status the turn after the stonking and that they never left their
trench and had you been able to get British troops to the trenches
right away they would have had an easy time but only for a very brief
instant before the Germans recovered and that is the way the game
works. You don't like it. We disagree. It only simulates reality and
it does that sometimes in convoluted ways but the end result makes at
least a few thousand people happy but not you it seems but it is
impossible in all things to make everyone happy. That is a fact of life

That said both Andy and I are done with this and this thread is
closed. I have investigated some of your concerns and addressed many
of them including the PIAT availability issue, the Mech infantry
arriving too soon issue as well as the AAMG issue and the residual
effects of those changes on the Brit OOB spilling over into other
commonwealth nations or other nations using commonwealth equipment but
that is as far as it is going to go . I have no intention of rewriting
whole sections of the Brit OOB which is essentially what you are
asking nor are we going to revise the artillery routine.

For someone who seems to have nearly endless issues with this game I
have to wonder why you continue to play something you obviously
dislike so many aspects of.....OOB's... Coding.... just about
everything about it seems to give you reason to complain....and you do
but there is a thin line between honest criticism and trolling and you
are walking that line . That post you made earlier at 3965 words ( yes
I was curious since it went on and on and on and on so long just how
big it was ) is , I think something of a record on this forum so kudos
to you for verbosity and perseverance and research but both Andy and I
had already decided that it was time to wind down game development
after having done this for over 2 decades already. The sense of
challenge and accomplishment that use to drive us onward is no longer
as strong as it once way and in some things, nonexistent. When a
challenge becomes an annoying chore it's time to find a new challenge.

This next update for SPww2 and SPMBT will have quite a number of new
features added into the games and SPWW2 especially has had a great
many top notch new scenarios and new unit icons added which we will
detail when the updates are near ready for release but after this
release for both games, development will be winding down and further
OOB changes will be from the MOD's forum only.