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Default Scenarios by Scenario Designers

So using the new ScenHack tool you can not only create SQL's to gather information from the vast database that is created from all the scenarios in the 2019 version (see another thread later), but you can also use the "Search" tab to find out useful or interesting information found in the scenario text files themselves.

Some examples; a list of all the scenarios from a specific designer, or you could search for all the scenarios that say contain the text '7th Armour' and you would get a result such as:

scenario 351 - 351 Victors at Wehl 4/45 <<< 27th armoured regiment the battalion >>>
scenario 428 - 428 Operation Brevity 5/41 <<< -7th armoured brigade group-* >>>
scenario 560 - Villers-Bocage: Morning 6/44 <<< 7th armoured division - the desert >>>
Or for an example you can search for say: 'Croatian' and get back:

scenario 102 - 102 Partisans in Croatia 11/43 <<< regiment 24 holding the croatian >>>
scenario 200 - 200 Operation Roesselsprung 7/44 <<< southern access to drvar. croatian >>>
scenario 302 - 302 Koprivnica 10/44 <<< assault vs croatian ustashe defend* >>>
scenario 619 - Blood Enemies 4/41 <<< [croatian] (delay)* >>>
scenario 756 - Break For Hungary 11/43 <<< by local partisans, the croatian >>>
So this is all pretty neat stuff in the upcoming 2019 patch.

But what I was really interested in was categorizing all the scenarios by designer by total count and by the occurrence of the first scenario by that scenario designer as it was created in the scenario database.

In the following posts I'll provide first a total count by scenario designer and then a list of detailed information gather from this tab.

Hope you enjoy.
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