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Fallout German STRUMTIGER UNIT 034

Was looking into the TO&Es concerning another tank the MK VI ROYAL TIGER (Not too good against rocket armed TYPHOONS. ) as I'm reading the newest book on "MARKET GARDEN" when I saw the STRUMTIGER UNIT 034, didn't sound familiar so I took a look. Well it's missing a picture so I thought let me see what I could find. So...
Has a usable picture top right.

One that fits...

Name:  thN69Y3F7S.jpg
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Don if you see this I have two other ones of which one is shown in the streets of Rotterdam in 1945. Someone had the time on a computer to improve the color and resolution it's a GREAT shot of this tank (I like pictures too!!!) "doing something" the aspect is perfect!! Showing MG 42 mounted on the rear left side. Came in "heavy" here at around 144 MB.

If you want them let me know, I know were to send them. They're the best I could find w/o one being captured or "reviewed" by the German "high" command and just plain sitting around.

I'll be going "back across the street" now.

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