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Default Re: Did Space Empires V kill Space Empires?

It wasn't entirely self funding, Take2 poured a lot of money into its development and things came to a head recently when 3dRealms asked for another chunk of change to bring it to market. The problem with DNF's development was exactly that, the guys in charge of development kept scrapping it to go with the latest game engine or redoing entire sections of the game because of something visually neat they wanted to use from another game. Also known as Feature Creep.

Take2, which had supposedly sunk well over 30 million into the project, was fed up and naturally refused. This in turn caused 3drealms to self-destruct in a rage-quit and fold. It went to court and a few dramatic episodes later, the capable people at GearBox (many who are former 3drealm staffers) got a hold of it and they are bringing it to market now.

But the game's development was an unmitigated disaster. 10 years ago, it might've been a huge hit, but now. i don't know.
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