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I finally feel like I got a "victory" even though I don't think you can have one in the demo. I got completely through Sector 7, and completed the first Firaxughinian quest and successfully explored a cave 11 levels deep. Since I can't go further, and I've now got weapons and armor that can smoke Gruffs and Pirates in the first six sectors, I'm going to mothball my captain and his five officers for now. Here are a few stats:

Difficulty: Easy
Captain: Jeff Burke
Ship: Serendipity (Light Explorer)
Credits Earned: 581,391
Data Collected: 174,002
Turns Played: 34,532
Quests Completed: 7
Achievements Completed: 9
Fame: 1069
Infamy: 61
Artifacts Found: 1 (Curtain of Blight)
Caves Explored: 24
Deepest Cave Level: 11
Crew Lost: 71
Officers Lost: 0
Monsters Killed: 754

Bunnies Petted: ??? Probably several hundred.

Most Useful Skill? Being able to land the shuttle anywhere (like right next to that 11 level cave).
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