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Default Re: Questions, comments, compliments welcome!

Originally posted by Gillissie:
The most interesting thing about this game to me was my bewilderment. As I played the demo, I kept thinking to myself, "is this all there is to it?". But I kept on playing and playing all the while thinking that. What kept me going? I dunno, but something did, so you must be onto something. Finally, I just had to force myself to quit.
This is..a compliment? right?

I have to say, Space Horse is excellent, updating a true (almost forgotten in many circles) strat classic I played as a kid.

One thing that would really enhance this game is historical market information. Charts and graphs are always good. Also, when leaving a planet and seeing the "map" of planets, it would be nice to have a little spaceship icon or something to indicate your current planet.
Both very good suggestions! Always appreciate hearing from fellow developers. Thanks!
Stormcloud Creations
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