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Default Moldavia shall be united principality

OK, that is my very first after action report. I dont know how good I am at writing in english and I dont know how good I am in After Action Reports in general, but let my conduct my try and we will see if there is anything good out of it.

I am not Romanian, but a historial, and story is short.
Romania, before becoming a Kingdom in late XIX Century, was known under a name of "United Principalities", or "Unirea Principatelor" in their language. These provinces consisted of Wallachia (currently southern Romania) and Moldova, currently known as Moldavia and independent state.
Moldavia has rather tense relations with Romania, as Romania does not recognize Moldavian population as nation and their language (as majority of doctrine representatives agree that Moldavian is in fact Romanian dialect). There are also noticeable welfare differences in both countries. But they keep their mutual relationship at rather good level.
Moldavia, however, does not hold complete control of its territory. A part of it, is unrecognised state of Transnistria. Moldavia tried to claim that territory in early '90s, when it emerged, but Soviet (or in fact Russian already) military interference prevented that. Currently 1200 Russian troops are stationed there.

OK, thats it for the story. Now, what is this AAR about:
Due to political unrest and turmoil in late 2014, dictatorship government appears in Moldavia, directly hostile towards Romania and other neighbouring countries as well. I absolutely know such situation is unlikely in real life, but it is tactical game. Russia observes from the distance and Transnistria region, that is unshure how to react at this point, while Ukraine remains currently busy with own internal problems. Several firefight are enough for Bucharest government to declare a warning status and request Moldavian government stepdown, citing external danger. Ultimatum is given to Moldovia. But it is just a fake card played, as Romania seeks unification with its province, including Transnistria. 2 weeks before ultimatum over, Romanian military enters Moldovia, beginning a war that shall bring Moldovia back to united principalities.

I am going to command entire Romanian Brigade, the 282nd Mechanized Brigade "Unirea Principatelor" from 2nd Infantry Division "Getica". It is the only Romanian brigade equipped with IFVs, consider it some sort of elite, 1st line formation, used for breakthroughs, disposing noticeable firepower.

My force shall consist of:
A0: Headquaters (Brigadier General Adrian Tonea)
B0: Piranha IIIC for HQ protection and transportation
C0: Footmobile FOrward Observer
D0: RN-94T FO vehicle
E: 284th Tank Battalion HQ (tank section) commanding:
F: Engineering tank platoon (3x TR-580 Dozer)
G, K, O: Tank Companies, each with 13 TR-85M2 Bizonul tanks
(51 MBTs in total + 3 supporting tanks)
S: Scout Section with field car (simulated 280th Mech Inf Btn. Command), leading: T, Z, AF: Mechanized Infantry Companies, equipped with MLI-84M vehicles
AL: Another command of 300th Mech Inf Btn., that is a direct copy of one above.
BE: 285th Artillery Btn. equipped with 18 new ATROM mobile howitzers
Finally, 469th Logistics Battalion will be simulated as couple of heavy trucks and ordnance sections.

Generally, I will be in constant command of entire brigade, circa 300 units of all types. Division will provide additional artillery, air and AA support, as well as recon units and engineers.

I will be facing Moldavian military at first, that will be recreated carefully. Maps will be either custom from the game or generated. A real life person with military experience shall deploy Moldavian enemies for every battle. My casualties will be hard to replenish. I dispose 1 or 2 save reloads (depending on game length) in case something goes wrong. I cannot reload a save further unless my HQ is dead (what is improbable). Casualties will result in my units being more and more limited in their capabilities.

Stay tuned, battle 1 soon.
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