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Default Re: Moldavia shall be united principality

Turn 1:
TABC-79 of attached recon gets ambushed by paramilitary forces not further than 700m away from my starting positions. Looks like Moldovans mobilized irregulars quick enough to react.
I am plotting my first ATROM battery to soften up paramilitaries. I know I shouldnt be using heavy guns in populated city but... are these paramilitaries even uniformed?

Friendly losses: 1x TABC-79 with crew
Enemy losses: none

Turn 2:
To the north still no contact at all, my mechanized battalion deploys wide and begins loose formation advance through the fields. I am plotting some arty around the wooden bridge, just in case enemy would think about ambushing me.
In the city outskirts, I stack up my forces for the first push when ATROMs ared done. one MLI-84 accidentally crashes into a house and left combat before it even began.

Friendly losses: 1x TABC-79 with crew
Enemy losses: none

Turn 3:
Danger close fire mission completed in the outskirts. Recon with tank support rushes in... no, recon doesnt, they refuse as my fire scared them a bit. Instead, tank takes a lead and indeed finds enemy militia section reorganizing after the FM. Bizonul kills 3 militia and forces them to retreat. I am informed that there is Militia with RPG right in front of my tank (100m). I decide to hold position and observe that sector, since tank is invulnerable for PG-7V rounds. TABC adresses that sector with suppresive fire and another tank moves in, forcing second militia squad to retreat and badly mauling the already running one.
Another Bizonul moves in and annihilates entire running squad. I am currenty unshure about situation up ahead, especially recon stayed back for a while, so I hold the tanks here. Mechs wait in reserve till when it gets hotter.
Southern sector clear... no, it is not! My scouts expected something unussual here and disembarked. They have avoided RPG ambush, but got under hirrucane fire from border guards. TABC tried to fend off enemy squad till reinforcements arrive, but 2 scouts are already down. FUrthermore, another Border Squad is found, camping close by for crossfire! Bizonul comes in for help, attracting no fire. After bringing down the building with BGs (and possibly civilians, too) it fires smoke screen to cover remaining TABC vehicles from fire. Mechs follow close by, but its gonna take like 3 minutes before they catch up. Recon cover must be enough for now.
North unopposed as for now.
My artillery damages several buildings, but nothing collapses.

Friendly losses: 2 recon soldiers
Enemy losses: 7 militias

Turn 4:
To the north, bridge just bombarded prooves to be clear. My forces advance with no resistance.
To the south, my tanks, working closely with recon, eliminates the pocket of resistance made by BGs. Most of them die under heavy fire. However, one more section is spotted nearby and suppresive fire is not enough. Enemy answers and eliminates a single scout. Scouts however reply with help of TABC and enemy losses equal one map. This time is used by a tank to charge forward and catch them as soon as they run away.
Just afterwards, a drama occurs. Yet another ambush BG squad fires a RPG and breaks a track of Bizonul. Situation is critical for the crew. The rest of the tanks move in for help and hurricane fire kills several BGs and levels the building. Tank is saved!
Gen. Tonea realises that his forces are without infantry protection for now and orders a halt in advance after this 5 minutes firefight, in which 30-40 enemies are casualties to just 3 casualties on our side. Mechanized forces are catching up now.
Sector central: after heavy pounding, my forces move in. To my dismay, elements of regular forces already ARE in the city. A fight rups in which recon soldier dies. Straight afterwards, another TABC-79 get into ambush by paramilitaries. Vehicle is destroyed, however crew is fine. But 2 other scouts are killed in the process. Armour responce is failed: a HE round routes the militias, but accidentally kills a single crewman. The remaining scout team is whiped by satchel charge, supporting the militias. AK-74 is firing nearby; regulars are here as well. They carry PG-7VL rounds, already dangerous to my tanks. After heavy fighting my tanks clear the way so far, but it is still held by straglers.
Main elements of BG1 go forward, with guns blazing and killing everything what moves. Dozens of enemy troops run around scared. A slaughterhouse. But my tanks again advance too fast without protection. I decide to keep my distance from several flats ahead and pin them before moving in. Then my infantry tries to disembark closely, I take first 3 casualties of my core force. It seems another platoon is holed up. We have extremely powerful line defence here. But it aint gonna work. Reason: thermals. I send in UAV to this sector. I restrain from using my other air sorties, as they are too slow for my advance and may cause unneccesary damage.
I am conducting several danger close FMs praying for accuracy of my awesome guns and skills of my FOs.

During the enemy turn, several squads try to attack my vehicles with RPGs. They utterly fail and take a few more casualties in the process.

Friendly losses: 5 scouts, 3 soldiers, 1 crewman, 1 Bizonul immobilized, 1 TABC-79
Enemy losses: 30-40 BGs, 10+ regulars, 30+ militias, generally circa 100 men lost

Turn 5:
Romanian military disposes 7 UAVs. Sadly, now they dispose 6. My UAV gets under five from DsHKMs and singular ZPU in the city centre. When it is already retreating, a salvo hits it and brings down. Tonea is in trouble now. UAV however provided some valuable info on enemy deployment. Looks like we have some major deployment in flats estate. Tonea holds the advance and utilizes air strikes in order to soften the defences up.
Sector north still empty, my forces go full throttle.
Sector south: after eliminating some straglers, my TABC goes around the corner and is immediately spotted my MTBL with Fagot missiles. There is an unsuccessful launch. Yet another also fails, TABC does not retreat but fires back with no success. My tank moves in and finishes the job. When I enter the crossroads where my advance should stop for now, another Fagot fires, but CIWS defends the Bizonul. Shortly afterwards another ATGM bites the dust. Other tank platoon patrols nearby when enemy nearly hits it with RPGs. Militia retreats towards heavily urbanized area and foot chase is needed here. And, holy ****, when support is brought in, another section awaits very close and first Bizonul is down.
Oil factory seems to be clear, but obviously heavy enemy forces are still present here. A scout is killed in the process of clearing. Mechanized forces are nearly there.
Central: Christ, there is even more of them there. Another platoon is discovered. They are NOT going to give up these godforsaken flats. It is imperative for me to clear the first line of flats to have a good staging point when my artillery and air force moves in. Molvodan regulars hold for extremely long. They resist to retreat unless half of the squad is down. The target is achieved eventually, not without heavy firefight. Only casualty registered is one scout. Enemy lost dozens. Another 2 scouts die later on. Enemy defences are arm-by-arm. But is it enough against 100mm?
Morale of the Molvadians is shocking for Romanian HQ.

During the enemy turn, extremely lucky militia team blows the **** up from another tank. These vehicles are rather expensive, we must cut the casualties low!

Friendly losses: 1 UAV, 2 Bizonuls, 4 scouts
Enemy losses: 2x MTBL ATGM, dozens of enemies

Turn 6:
This is going to be rather quiet turn, a moment of break. My forces clear the backs to have them ready when new advance place happens. I have gotten 500 metres into the city by now. Advance speed is acceptable, but enemy resistance is hero-like. A BTR-40 is knocked out by MLI autocannon in the meantime.
My recon has taken rather heavy losses. It is going to be long battle. I am closing in on enemy barracks. These are used by BGs only, however I am unshure what I find there.
Enemy mortars are unsuccessfully pounding the border bridge. I cannot estimate their position yet.

Finally, the strikes begin. Artillery is rather accurate, but one MLI-84 is immobilized in the process. MiG-21s get under heavy AA fire, including Strela 3 systems but they avoid damage... just to engage friendly forces. Luckily, with little effect.

Friendly losses: 2 soldiers, 2 scouts
Enemy losses: BTR-40, DShKM, at least 30 enemy troops

Turn 7:
Assault on flat estate begins.
Goes pretty smooth when tanks move in, enemy losses are high. One Bizonul accudentally crashes into a building. Besides looks fine, enemy is in full retreat.
In the south though it is not that easy. My infantry chases remaining irregulars. TABC is ambushed and taken out by RPG, but we have discovered enemy mortar position and eliminated it. Barracks looks deserted.
Artillery is plotted against local police HQ and surroinding suburbs. I am going to capture that location in oder to cut city centre off.

Friendly losses: 1 MLI-84 immobilized, 1 Bizonul immobilized, 1 TABC-79, 3 scouts
Enemy losses: 82mm mortar, MTLB Fagot, dozens of targets

Turn 8:
TO the south, there is prolonged combat with asingle RPG-7 team guarding the barracks. We assume the barracks to be generally deserted. Another MLI-84 crashes into a house and immobilizes itself. Elements of BG2 now split and create BG4, in order to flank Moldavian resistance from the site and capture a high ground.
Central Sector: no greater advances here, my Battle Group prepares for another thrust, when artillery is done with preparation.
NOrthern advance is still clear. Very soon, within 30 minutes, my forces will encircle the city.

During enemy turn, aone rifle section tries unsuccessfully eliminate my IFV and they loose a man.
Artillery pounds in rather accurate manner.

Friendly losses: none
Enemy losses: RPG-7 team, 1 casualty

Turn 9:
Just after my advance begins in sector central, enemy Militia formations are discovered and believed to hold my objective. They are routed by a tank, however seonds later my next TABC gets burned in the ambush of another team nearby. I must be very careful. My recon force lost like 50% of manpower for now, I will have to send them away very soon. Several weaker buldings collapse, as I fight my way with armour. 2 soldiers are down from infantry fire, but the resonce is quick. Generally, a platoon of militia is discovered so far, blocking my way. Just near them, to the north, another regular platoon is waiting, but 2 squads are taken out by big calibre. It seems clear now that enemy is defending in mixed manner, rather than sector control system. Losses occur a bit later on. Elements of central sector Battle Group go flaking a bit to the north and reach enery rear defence. 4 men are killed in ambush and IFV luckily survives. When it engages the enemy with success, splinters from PKM fire... eliminate the remainded of a squad...
Enemy rifle company is believed to be prepared around Police HQ, where all that fighting happened. Its gonna be serious fight here...
Sector south: resistance at the barracks is, in fact, non existant. A single soldier dies when encountering enemy MANPADS team, firing at my places minutes ago, but besides, the Moldavians are routed. I am however waiting for other Battle Groups to finish their objectives, so advance here is on halt. Only the newly greated BG4 is on the move. Several incidens happen. A Bizonul and MLI are immobilized in the barracks section, when crashing into a fence and accidentally hitting a building nearby. Engineers will have to do some serious digging.

One soldier is lost due to enemy artillery fire. My arty though pounds very well and Police HQ building is turning into a rubble.

Friendly losses: 1x TABC, entire squad, 3 other troops
Enemy losses: Dozens

Turn 10:
Beginning sucks. TABC narrowly escapes 2 ambushes, but a Bizonul tank runs into successful, completely not expected ambush and does not survive. It seems remainder of Border Guards bunkered themselves far north of Police HQ, to hold me away from the building. Another trooper gets killed in a won firefight.
My frontal advance reaches the building however. BTR-40 is destroyed near it. Infantry conducts a dynamic drop off, only possible way to solve it quickly. There is COMPLETELY no resistance in the building itself, most likely. The surrounding neighbourhood has that area covered, but no resistance in the building itself. I carry on with cleaning. ZPU-2 is spotted in the central square by luck and taken out, together with a building.
To the south, barracks main entrance is heavily protected only. My BIzonul is caught by 2 RPG rounds, both failed though. Rescue party massacres the ambushers. Another mortar is discovered and engaged without success. Will be done shortly though.
North remains clear.

I am sending in the aircraft, to soften city defences first. I shall not pound the hospital with artillery. Only the hospital now stands on my way to encirclement.

During the enemy turn, more dramatic losses occur. Various RPG team activate from the city center area. In total, about 14 RPG rounds are launched against my vehicles at ranged of 200-400 metres. With extreme luck (4% and 6%) my tank and MLI-84 are hit. No survivors among the crew, luckily MLI was empty at the time.
My casualties are becoming dangerously high. 4 tanks are already disabled, nearly 7% of entire fleet. Hopefully I shall not advance in so urban area as this anymore...

Friendly losses: 2 Bizonuls, 1 MLI-84, 1 infantryman
Enemy losses: circa 30, BTR-40

BLUE - line of control
RED LONG - Most dangerous ambush points
RED SHORT - flat estate that prooved to be a stronghold.
ORANGE - encirclement plans (big and small)

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