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Default Re: Feature requests

Well, I do have a few ... sort of. I mean, some of them will probably look as if they are half-feature-requests and half-complaints, so I have no idea if they actually can be called “feature requests”.

Nevertheless, this is what I have, as far as requests go:

• Would it be possible to get an option of sorts that would disable item auto-installing when buying? Or maybe something like shift + corresponding letter to buy without equipping? I mean, it's not really necessary as it is, but in early game (and possibly later, I count sector 13 as early game) getting enough materials for crafting anything means doing a few trips and buying whatever cheap items there are, and changing the equipment back after every single station visit quickly gets a bit ... tedious, so to say.

• Would it be possible to get a hotkey for auto-shooting? Something like “v”, maybe, as it's near “f” and seemingly not used for anything. I mean, yes, I know it's just 1 key press less ... but when surrounded by hordes of puny monsters that multiply that 1 key less gets multiplied many, many times (and yes, I got an idea for that request after this one trip to a spaceship wreck infested with some weird eyes that multiplied until the end of time).

• Is there any chance of planets with caves getting notes or marks of some sort that are visible on the sector map, or maybe when being over the planet? It's not a big deal for the most part, but those who are completionists will try to go back to get all the caves cleaned once they get enough oxygen in the suits to do that, but flying like a moron over all the planets and landing on every single one just because there might have been a cave quickly gets boring.

And that's it for now. Maybe I'll get more ideas after playing more, or something.

PS. I know I'm just being mean now and all that, but there's a typo in the manual. In at least one place (only noticed that one, didn't read the whole thing) there's a word “effect” that instead should have been “affect”. But I'm only mentioning that ... I don't know, for the sake of completion, I guess. Most people probably wouldn't have problems with that typo anyway.
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