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Default Re: Feature requests

Perhaps cave stats (all the ones Ibol mentioned are awesome!) could be part of a tooltip that would pop up when the mouse is over the planet.

Or maybe you could have a Captain's Log component where we can keep a log/notes as we explore. Even a log that allowed one entry per sector would be helpful. There could even be a right click action when over a planet or a cave entrance that would be "record this in the log" if having a freeform log would cause too many save game problems.

I've already done the "I remember their being a planet with an unexplored cave a few sectors back" and have to go to all the sectors and land on most of the planets to make sure I got all the caves. That cost a few thousand credits for the satisfaction of having gotten everything (except the green and brown, irradiated?, planet since I haven't found a suit that is strong enough to handle that.)
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