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Default Re: Feature requests

Originally Posted by ibol View Post
Anyway, when I saw you mention 'typo', I was mortified. Until I noticed it was about 'effect'.
Funny thing is, I noticed because it was that particular word. And even that only because I once spent a week arguing with some stubborn moron on another forum about it; the guy ended up alienating pretty much everyone else who posted in that particular thread (long story, really) and I ended up remembering it. So yeah ...

In any case, there's the guide Cyberis had posted, which generally works as “effect” is usually a noun; sometimes it's a verb though, but in all of those cases you can use either “cause” or “produce” instead (so it needn't ever really be used as a verb).

But I'm digressing so I'll stop that before I get annoying.

Originally Posted by ibol View Post
Planet/Cave Note:
It is conceivable. But questions arise... Do you just want to know the existence of caves? Or how deep you've gone? What if you've reached the bottom? What if you have explored some, but not all?
- We would need the ability to very quickly calculate those variables, and to display them in an easy-to-understand and not-overbearing way...
I guess, optimally, display if there are any cave levels, and if yes then if there are any that are not yet entered. So there would be three possible statuses:

1) No cave. No additional text.
2) Cave, fully explored. Additional text, something like “Fully explored cave” or just “Explored cave”.
3) Cave, with any levels not yet entered. Additional text, something like “Unexplored cave”, or even just “Cave”.

Mind you, keeping it simple would still work (for the most part, people do remember something about the cave being somewhere and about the cave not yet being explored, so unless they stop playing for a few days (or more; many people have good enough memories to remember bits like that for weeks even) just a simple information about caves being there likely would suffice.

And in the same vein, a detailed information about the cave could be used too. But then again, that one might spoil how many cave levels there are (assuming they are not essentially infinite; with mere 120 oxygen I can't really check that yet), and if there's a cave with just 1 spot blocked some people will go crazy ... it's easy enough to get crazy over the 99% exploration on planets with “urban” setting and blocked tiles, at least until that can be seen through.
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