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Default Re: Extra! Sea Lanes to Australia Cut! Japan Wins Negotiated Peace!

I was able to win in a similar fashion against the AI after a few tries.
1) First turn, raid Hawaii and take as many bases to the south as possible.
2) Subsequent early turns: use the strike force to take one base per turn until all the oil regions are taken. Use the rest of the carriers to patrol the home islands, waiting for the inevitable Doolittle raid.
3) Use the strike force to expand toward the sea lane islands.
Take at least two bases that can supply a sea lane base (probably E. Santo). This ensures that the Sea Lane base does not get isolated. If you run out of landing fleets, pound Ceylon or Brisbane.
4) Take a Sea Lane base and patrol heavily, waiting for the big counterstrike.

Hopefully game is over before the Essex carriers show up.
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