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Default Re: Site Searching Statistics Questions

The more you find out what's NOT there the higher the chance gets that something ELSE is there. If you already remote site searched a province and didn't find any sites at all, then unless it's farmland there's a high probability that something else is there. If you already found one or two sites, that could mean that those are all, though. It could be a magic site which is from a path unaccessible to you, like blood. Strong hints for magic sites are: unnatural scales of cold that can't be explained by or even contradict dominion influence can indicate that a water site is there, death means death (d'oh), heat can indicate fire and I think luck can indicate the presence of an astral site. This was really useful to search for magic sites more effectively for me. You should always search those provinces where you have found the least magic sites so far. Depending on terrain there's a higher/lower chance for some paths, too, check Edi's DB or I think somebody even made a list somewhere.
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