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Originally Posted by FASTBOAT TOUGH View Post
Some of this came up in 2012 for Poland from guess who? Not me...
You got me

I wasn't researching a subject of dozer tanks until now, so I apparently assumed, that if T-34/76 in dozer variant is available from 1946, then T-34/85 should do as well

However, there are no tank dozers known to be used or developed by the USSR during WWII, so it's improbable, that they emerged in 1946. The first one known by name is BTU, developed apparently for T-54, so it must have been some 1949 at least.

Originally Posted by FASTBOAT TOUGH View Post
However I'm starting to feel the T-34/85 BTU was a "rare bird" and maybe even possibly a "local" modification similar to the SHERMAN tanks equipped with the hedge grow blades in Normandy. This ref. under the engineering units doesn't list the T-35/85 BTU or just BTU. I hope I didn't miss it.
I guess it was an attempt to provide older tank companies (still used in big numbers) with newest technology, developed for T-54. According to, there was one BTU per company. And obviously it was more universal tool, than hedgerow cutters, used mostly for digging tank dugouts. After T-55, there disappeared tank dozers, replaced by special engineer tanks, and by small folding blades fitted eg. to each T-72 underneath its lower front plate.
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