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Default Re: Official release of the unofficial Dominions 3 Wiki

Originally Posted by Snoddasmannen View Post
Keeping up my own futile attempts at being useful to the community, I have added links from my online interface of the spell/forge database to your wiki. So a description off the spell/item is just one click away.
Thanks! Be aware that some spells have multiple versions which share the same name, but that shouldn't be much of a problem because the Wiki has disambiguation links/pages for that.

Originally Posted by Snoddasmannen View Post
Something which really interests me is reading what other players think of the spells/items, how they use them and so on. Would you say that this is covered by the "What this is not" section above, or are you open to having a fuzzy area where users can leave hints/use cases for the items?
That's what the Wiki is for, users can and are encouraged to comment on the articles for the units, spells and items. At the moment, the articles for the items and spells are among the oldest code, there is no special "Notes" section for that yet. People can always add a new section to an article on their own, however. Eventually the item and spells articles will get redone so that they have a "Notes" section like all the unit articles have now, check e.g. Assassin and Lord of the Night for that. A couple of spells already have a "Short summary" section, like Doom, where the spell's effects are being explicitly stated, and all the globals have a section titled "A dire portent" which describes the messages that are being generated when the global is successfully cast, see e.g. Gift of Health. In principle, users can leave anything on the article pages. Here are two items pages where you can see what I had in mind: The inspiration sections on The Chalice and especially on The Ark.

Originally Posted by Snoddasmannen View Post
In the main article? The discussion page? A new cool page for each article which you can hack together in no time?
Some people already started articles named Key item and Key spell which are linked to from the Main page to highlight important items and spells in the game. Another possibility would be to link to the articles directly from a nation's strategy guide. Basically, you can do what you want. The discussion pages should only be for discussions about the article's layout, not about the item/spell itself, though. The forums are more useful for discussions like that, I think.
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