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Quick disrepancies for DANCON.

I may be mistaken, but I seem to not find the Light Reconaissance Squadrons anywhere (1. LOPESK of Musa Quala fame for example).

Since at least 2006 the HMGs on the GDs (Geländewagens) and Eagles have been equipped with Night Vision- All Weather goggles (source Lars Ulslev Johannesen "De danske Tigre, Cph 2008), as has Platoon commanders and up. From 2009 all troops in DANCON ISAF have supposedly recieved it, though not all at once. Source Forsvarskommandoen.

I do not know what effect it has on the "radio" stat of the DANCON forces, but since 2006 at least they have all had Bowman PRRs.

The Danish Snipers were only Home Guard until 2002 (from 1966 on equipped with a modified H & K G3 labelled M66), from 2002- 2006 we had none (except the ones in Jægerkorpset who worked only within the frame of the Jæger Patrols). There may have been Snipers back in the days, but from 1988- 2006 the Army had none. Then from 2006 we started training snipers within the framework of the army, there are not very many and all in DANCON or training for it. They work with a spotter and employ the Sako TRG 42 .338 Lapua Magnum as the M82 has been found to be inaccurate above 500 m. Only the Engineers and Navy employ the M82 these days, for detonating mines at a distance.

from 2009 onwards a replacement of the C7 (labelled M95 here) with the C7A2 (M08) here will be taking place (Source). Pictures from Afghanistan has shown some in use as early as 2006.

Denmark has also purchased the Bofors FH77BD "Archer", but AFAIK none has arrived yet, they should during this "Forsvarsforlig 2010- 2014" (Source).

The "Raven" UAS Drone has been in service since 2008/09, 9 with the Army, 2 with the Jægerkorps and one with the Frømandskorps (Danish SEALs).

I am not certain that the game engine figures in personal body armour, but the DANCON has a pretty good one, so if it does it should be figured in.

From 2009/10 the Eagle Is of the LOPESK has been gradually replaced by Eagle IVs carrying only 3 men, much to the dismay of the users. 1. LOPESK started training with them in 2009 and is, I believe, currently deployed with them in Helman.

The Diemaco LSW is replacing the good old MG3, much to the dismay of the troops on the ground and there is talk of replacing it with a better one. I will have to look into whether the Minimi or MG4 will replace it or even if it will, but the troops are not happy with the LSW and prefer to bring the MG3. problem is that they are wearing out after years of faithful service.

I have seen videos of the Milkor MGL32 in action with DANCON in Afghanistan, but been unable to determine whether it is an "official purchase" or a loan from another unit in Camp Bastion that has them, such can happen in wars.

The Jæger Patrols were a bit more versatile in weaponry than depicted, largely because they have a wider range of weapons to chose from. Patrols of 5 men used C7/C8 as their main weapon- some with m203s, H & K MSG90 for sniping and H & K 23E- H & K 21E and Diemaco LSW for LSW. They also use the MG3 and the MP5. For anti-material, they experiemnted with the M82, but found the Accuracy International AW 50 more precise at longer ranges. These days they also use the Sako TRG 42 .338 Lapua Magnum for sniping. Like the rest of the Army they used Carl Gustaf against armour, fortifications, etc. if needed, but this has largely been replaced with the AT4. For opening soft doors they use either a Mossberg500 or a small explosive charge, and all Patrols has an explosives expert in it- and often several Claymores.

I do not know when they got Night Vision- All Weather goggles, but long before anyone else, my guess would be from 1990 at the latest. I saw some around then and was impressed.

I dunno how much and how this can be included.

The original Jæger Patrol was 5 men during the cold war. but since 2002 it has gradually been growing to ~8 from 2005 to be able to solve the different challenges of Afghanistan and Iraq. It has no fixed number available to the public, but I know that Patrols of 8 has been employed in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hope this brief summary helps.
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