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Default Re: T33 Flame Tank

Most excellent.

In May 1945, the CWS began development on the "Flamethrower Tank, T33."

The M4A3E2, refitted with a new turret as well as HVSS, was selected for the conversion.

Twenty units were authorized for procurement. Left open was the possibility of further production, if necessary.

The T33 carried both an E20 Flame gun as a coaxial weapon in the turret and a E12R4 flame gun in the hull.

Ultimately, at the surrender of Japan, the program was cut to 3 pilot models.

The T33s weren't actually delivered until September 1947 (USA 3082940) and January 1948 (3083011,3083021).

In 1953, two of the T33s (3082940, 3083021) were converted to "Self Propelled Flamethrower, T68".
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