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Default A Bug and Question

I have been trying the Interstellar Trader demo. I did have a question, and some comments.

It seems that once you buy something from one planet, and go back the same items are not for sale. If this is the case is it just luck that you can make money? You never seem to know what is going to be for sale so how can you plan what you are going to buy? Why does the inventory change so fast?

So far in the games I have played the pirates take all my stuff and kill all my ships. I can't seem to get enough money to buy ships to protect myself.

I did find a bug. When the demo ended it didn't change my screen rez back to the one I had before I started the game. I guess it's not really a bug but is kinda a pain in the butt when all your desktop icons move and you have to change it back by hand. I guess it might be fixed if and when a patch is released.

Also if you don't mind me asking, how are sales so far? I saw on your website you are working on Version 2 of this game. What new things are you going to add and change?

Overall the games are pretty fun. The only downfall I see is that people that want 'eye candy' are not going to like these games. Even some simple animation might help. There is alot of gameplay, which is what counts (IMHO).
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