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Default Re: OT- Rise and Fall Demo is out!!!

OG_Gleep said:
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War demo is out!!! Totally didn't expect it to be out this early.

Since I'm lazy, he's the ebgames link to it...has screenshots. Been following this one for a while. Looks really good. I'm downloading the demo now but will post feedback once I've had a chance to play.

PS. Has anyone picked up either Space Rangers 2 or Hearts of Iron Doomsday? I picked up HoI: Doomsday last night, was about to install it. I still don't know whats different, and why I spent $20 for it. Anyone know the first half?
Doomsday is ok, however I dont think that it adds too much to the original game, in fact I prefer the original.
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