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Originally Posted by vasquez View Post
Looking for high skilled opponent. Anytime, anywhere. Your setup. Pm me.
Just upgraded to v 6.0. Let me know if you want to PBEM.
my usual requests are:
.no more than 10,000 pts per side
.no more than to units with thermal imagers, doesn´t matter if is a sniper, an AO or a MBT.
. No cluster munitions.( exception aircraft only on SEAD configurations)
.atgms: 8% per 1000 pts allowed
.snipers: 5% per 1000 pts allowed
.armor: 30% per 1000 pts allowed (only MBTs APCs wheeled or tracked are not constrained)
.Arty 10%, no OB Arty (these points include AOs, SPAA and SPSAMs, .MANPADS are an exception only if they are not attached to arty units.)
.2 aos; vehicles or 2 man teams
.One ammo supply section.
.concentrated victory flags.
.one UAV unit if you want it.
.visibility 30
turns 30
Map 120 x 140

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