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Default Re: Campaign Scenario Setup Help - France

OK, done this one too.
It was quite tough. At worst point I had to retreat about 500m into my lines and German tanks took that monastery. My armour support came just in time to fend them off. In the end I counterattacked and recaptured that forest and northern approaches. Only area I failed to get on time was that orchard near the railway.
German battalion seems to dislike that day, with most forces routed. For those 500pts I requested engineering company (which did not take part in combat), additional 75mm battery and 4 more AT guns.
My casualties are considerable though. I lost half of my MG capacity, AAMGs also failed to shoot down even a single Stuka, however they managed to damage few. I also lost ammo wagon and mule transports, reducing my mobility. Infantry itself did it with acceptable casualties. German artillery complicated my life. A lot.
My crew abandoned some vehicles, but these seems to be intact.

I request to keep engineers (in case I have to retreat and blow the bridge), tanks if possible, I need a battery on standby. I would be more than glad to have increased AT capacity, because my AT guns are just not enough. I could use tanks or more AT guns, but preferably tanks.
What is the situation on my flanks? I REALLY do not want to be cut my German pincer movement, so in case it is necessary I will have to evacuate to the side.
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