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Fallout Re: MBT's

Don yes I think that would be a good comparison. The difference between the two is in the timing and circumstances of their availability. The AG was more in response to an urgent need to get a better protected T-72 in the field as quick as possible with some other minor improvements.

With the both the slower op tempo then truce holding to some degree over the last few months, you have to look at the AMT as a much better planned/designed out tank with specific goals in mind as already noted. My general feeling is it should just about/or be on par with Russia's T-72B3/4 It certainly has the edge when it comes to the ATGW issue.

Ukraine is no "slouch" when it comes to tank development, munitions, power plants and most importantly protection. We would do well to remember they are a player in the selling of and modification of weapons systems. Also and especially since Russia's incursion into the Crimea, how much foreign technical and investment in the defense industry they've received from many countries.

Also as a side note I think the reason now why the OPLOT-M isn't at the front is because the Ukraine doesn't want to be seen as escalating the situation in Eastern Ukraine. I believe this is why Russia pulled out the few T-72B3 tanks they suppositely had in the region. A little over a year ago the Ukraine only had about 10 OPLOT-M tanks. Today that number appears to be about 40-60 tanks with an improved version ready to be built and to modernize the existing tanks further.

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